Friday, April 3, 2009

can't sleep

Two days away from the race and of course I can't sleep.  I had a great conversation with my coach.  He stressed to try to have an even emotional keel in regards to all my races.  Treat each one the same and don't get emotionally tied to it--something like that.  The race this weekend is a low priority race, but it's my 1st of the season and I'm having trouble not letting my emotions take over me.  It's quite consuming really.  I'm having trouble focusing on work because I want to make sure that all aspects of the race is going to be good.  The truth is, there is nothing else I can do now except race.  That's what the months of preparation, the e-mails with my friends and teammates (Toby, James, Jamie, Gabe, Todd you're awesome--Red Dragons).   Without a team to help control the race, Gabe is going to "Forrest Gump" it.  That's some of the best advice I've heard.  Take it as it comes.  Stay at the front, but don't do any work unless it serves a purpose.  Enjoy the ride right?

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