Saturday, July 11, 2009

PTO so far

The crit wasn't bad. Ended up 12th. I had some tough breaks but I was SUFFERING! I felt like I was through the race and afterwards, I was like, well maybe that wasn't so bad. I went back and looked at the race data and my Average HR was 184bpm. 94% of my Max. My body was SCREAMING at me to quit, but I finished it. BTW, my LTHR is 176bpm. If you don't know what that means--google it.

The street sprints. The sprints where I was going to show off my 1700watt sprint....yeah. I got Eliminated after the 1st heat.....THE 1ST HEAT!!! I believed to much in my power and underestimated my competition. I got 4th in the heat, you had to be in 3rd to go to the elimination round. It is what it is.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Updated Race Scheule

July 10th Piedmont Triad Omninum Crit
July 11th Piedmont Triad Omninum TT
July 11th Piedmont Triad Omninum Street Sprints
July 11th Piedmont Triad Omninum Road Race
July 17th French Broad TT
July 18th French Broad Road Race
July 19th French Broad Crit Asheville (tight course like Dillworth)
Aug 1st Western NC Grand Prix
Aug 4th Crossroads Mocksville Crit (low priority)
Aug 8th Crossroads Harrisburg Crit
Aug 9th Hanes Park Crit
Sep 12th Walnut Cove (low priority, pretty far away)
*Sep 19th Dylan Mitchell Memorial Race*
*Sept 20th Vista Gran Prix*
Upgrade to Cat 3
Oct 10th Greenville Cycling Classic ?
Oct 11th Greenville Cycling Classic ?

There are a couple more that I may do depending on whether or not they become available.

Rested up

I'm well rested now and should be good to go for the Piedmont Triad Omnium....then comes the French Broad. We'll see how it goes. This is the 1st race I've done in a while and I've only had one VO2 Max type session since my rest period. Power is up, weight is down so it's all good.

Monday, July 6, 2009


So I crashed on the Scott Saturday on a training ride. It was a turn that I've taken over 60 times. I know I'm a great bike handler, so I had to figure out what went wrong so that I can learn from the mistake and never do it again. Initially, I thought I hit some gravel and that's what washed my front tire out. The way the crash happened tough, I couldn't believe that. The only component that was damaged was the rear rim was warped...hmmm. Checking the tire over, there is a bit of oil on it. I suspect that the oil was transfered from my leg. I use an oil/aerosol based sunscreen and think that I brushed up against my tire when preparing for the ride. Of course, going in a straight line, it's not an issue. As soon as I made a corner, that was enough for the tire to lose grip, then catch. When it caught, that's what warped it, as well as through me over the bike for a "high-side" type fall.

Sucks for me.