Saturday, April 25, 2009

Athens Twilight AM 4/5 race

The course was great.  I had a great warm-up.  I had great legs.  I also had bad luck.  I really wanted to help Justin today and then the crash happened.  It was the worst crash I've had so far and I've bruised my clavicle and dinged the Scott CR-1.  Justin got pulled from the race.  I hate it as I asked him to follow me.  I hate it for him more than anything.  I was able to get back in and at the time, I didn't know Justin had been pulled.  I was going to go for it on the last lap and I was on Julian's wheel around turn's 3 and 4.  I jumped to another wheel and that was the end for me.  The guy sat up, I was in the gutter and could not move around him and Julian's group was up the road.  Game over.  Bad luck + Bad decision = 33rd place.  If I couldn't get top 10, I wasn't going to fight for top 20.  Julian end up in 1st. 

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