Sunday, April 19, 2009

4th at the SC State Crit Championships

4th.  Not bad, but I could have done better.  If I wanted to do better, I shouldn't have gone for the preme with 5 to go.  I will also need to practice my seated sprints.  Going into the final 400, I tried twice to stand but my legs cramped up.  Had I only tried it once, I would have gotten 3rd for sure.  The only way I would have gotten top honors is if; a) I wouldn't have lit a match for the preme, b) I would have been fitter c) Done a better job of drafting earlier in the race to save a few more ounces of energy. d) felt better going in the race.  

I still don't feel like I have good legs yet.  I did race with the Zipp's (404) on today and my what a difference.  The acceleration more than anything, they spin so much faster than the open pro....but I won on the open pro...  It goes to show you that a wheel will only do so much for you.

good ride today. 

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