Tuesday, March 31, 2009

post race summary

So I did what I set out to do.  I raced hard, got off the front with two other guys and ended up gettting dropped 15minutes into it.  The pulls I took were way too hard and the guys I was working with weren't pulling clean....or maybe it was me.  Anyway, I knew they weren't going anywhere and decided to drop back into the pack.  Though my HR wasn't maxed, my legs felt like lead due to all the lactic acid so when the pack came zipping by at 26mph, I wasn't able to latch back on.  I took an easy lap and then caught back on the second time they passed me.  Now that the acid was flushed from my legs, I couldn't feel any pain--well I could but making big efforts up the hill didn't hurt as much.  I worked on staying effiecint and Gabe lead me out for the final lap.  Though it wasn't fair to sprint with the rest of the pack, Gabe did a fantastic job of leading me out and I wasn't going to disappoint.  He passed 4-5 riders and when I kicked, I must have passsed at 5-6 guys.   Awesome.  Freakin' awesome when you think that I'm sprinting with/against guys that are in higher Catagories than me.  I couldn't have done it with out the G-money.

In summary, 
-I've got to work on patience and picking good wheels.   
-Though I'm stronger, I don't need to let that get to my head.  
-I need to keep listening to my instincts and just go.  
-I've got a hell of a kick and I need to use it and my brains to win races.  

Now the other teams in the area know how strong I am--great.

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