Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sram Sprinter Rings

So get this.  I went with Sram Red Cranks/chainrings for my new bike. The red chain rings are lighter=weaker and I can flex them because of my power.  When I flex them, I'm usually in my 53x13,12,11 and the chain falls off to the inside and I almost flip off the bike.  I've got several injuries and I've lost a lot of confidence in the Sram Red gear.  For last Saturday, I tried to do 5 sprints but was only able to do 4.  

Anyway, I put my Rival rings on for the race this weekend.  I never had that problem with the Rival rings/cranks.  Sram had production issues with my run of chainrings.  They are going to send me their new Red "Sprinter" chain rings as well as a new chain to replace the bad run I have......  

I just want it to be right.  I want to stress about me not being fit enough.  If I lose a race I want to lose it on my own terms.  Psychologically, I'm going to do the races, but I'm not 100% into it.  I'm going to do them because I've already paid for them.  Without the bike being complete, I can't trust it.  Does that even make sense?  Maybe I'm thinking too much into it. 

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