Saturday, April 18, 2009


So I got first place in the I'On Race today. The thing is, someone
went down in front of me so I got a free lap. I know it still counts
as a win, but I would like to have not gone down and stayed upright
the entire time. I was in a good (15 riders back) position when the
guy went down in front of me and took 5 others out as well. I got
back in with 5 to go and took a long pull. I then floated back to
~8th-10th spot to recover. I realalized earlier when I needed to make
a move. So with 2 to go I fought for the 4-5 spot. I knew that if I
were to get a podium, I would need to be there going into back
straight leading to the final two turns. With 1 to go I drilled it.
By this time, two riders had gone off the front and my arch nemisis
was on my wheel. He's a great sprinter (maybe better than me) and he
beat me in Greenville last year. I drilled it more going into the
second to last turn and i knew he had to stand to catch me--that was
going to take away from his sprint. Going into the final turn, the
break had 5-10meters on me. I was already in the perfect gear coming
out of the turn and I gave it everything. I passed them and was in the
lead for the final 25 meters. I crossed the line with nothin left in
my tank.

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