Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tempo work/Street Sprints

Going over my recent workout stuff and my tempo power now is ALMOST what my Threshold power was last year. I'll need that when I upgrade to a CAT 3 later this year. I have the points to upgrade, but I want to build a little better fitness so that I can be competitive. I want to be at around 3.9-4 Watts/kg for Functional Threshold. No problem on the 5sec power @ 21.64 w/kg. Just need to be able to get to the finishing line in a Cat3 race and uncork that sprint and bringing up that FT will help do it.

Speaking of sprinting, I'm looking forward to taking part in the Street Sprints in the Piedmont Triad Omnium. I'm really going to use that as a showcase for my sprinting power. Not only that, I'm going to use it to see who the other sprinters are so that I can mark them for later races...wish we had a velodrome here in Columbia.


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