Monday, June 29, 2009


Leave It On The Course.

This has happened many times. I've just crossed the finish line, I'm about to die of oxygen debt and some guy--that was also in the race--roles up next to me to congratulate me on a good race and he's not really breathing hard...REALLY?!?! There is a reason why I've been doing so well in the 4's (as of this writing, #1 in SC & # 6 in the US for Criterium). I leave everything on the course. If I cross the line and I'm not spent, I don't feel like I've done enough. That may be the wrong way to think about it, but that's the why I live life. I leave it all on the course. I do everything I can to be the best. I try hard, I ask a lot of myself but I also understand my limitations. I try to get the most out of the race and I try to get the most out of life.


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