Saturday, June 6, 2009

4th in the Port Royal 34under

Tough race for sure made tougher by the TT in the am. As it stands,
I'm third overall for the Omnium. I really needed to win today, but my
legs wouldn't allow me to sprint. Still a good result and the most
money I've made this far for a race.

I had a full warmup for the crit, but I felt terrible. I had bad legs
(70%) in the beginning of the crit and almost fell off. Something
happened and I and my legs back. I still wasn't 100%, but it was
enough to get me through. With 5 to go, I was able to move up. Going
into the sprint I picked off two riders, and closed on the 3 ahead of
me an then my legs locked up. If I would have had a better position, I
would have won, but those guys did a great job.


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