Monday, July 6, 2009


So I crashed on the Scott Saturday on a training ride. It was a turn that I've taken over 60 times. I know I'm a great bike handler, so I had to figure out what went wrong so that I can learn from the mistake and never do it again. Initially, I thought I hit some gravel and that's what washed my front tire out. The way the crash happened tough, I couldn't believe that. The only component that was damaged was the rear rim was warped...hmmm. Checking the tire over, there is a bit of oil on it. I suspect that the oil was transfered from my leg. I use an oil/aerosol based sunscreen and think that I brushed up against my tire when preparing for the ride. Of course, going in a straight line, it's not an issue. As soon as I made a corner, that was enough for the tire to lose grip, then catch. When it caught, that's what warped it, as well as through me over the bike for a "high-side" type fall.

Sucks for me.

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