Saturday, July 11, 2009

PTO so far

The crit wasn't bad. Ended up 12th. I had some tough breaks but I was SUFFERING! I felt like I was through the race and afterwards, I was like, well maybe that wasn't so bad. I went back and looked at the race data and my Average HR was 184bpm. 94% of my Max. My body was SCREAMING at me to quit, but I finished it. BTW, my LTHR is 176bpm. If you don't know what that means--google it.

The street sprints. The sprints where I was going to show off my 1700watt sprint....yeah. I got Eliminated after the 1st heat.....THE 1ST HEAT!!! I believed to much in my power and underestimated my competition. I got 4th in the heat, you had to be in 3rd to go to the elimination round. It is what it is.

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