Friday, May 8, 2009

bike fit

To those who haven't, go out there today and get a bike fit.  Make sure it's someone you trust and then always go back to that person.  Case in point, I got the new Scott, but didn't get a fit.  The bike was supposed to be set to the same numbers as my old bike (which I was "fitted" to).  Not so much.  I knew something was off, but I had enough after the 5th saddle sore.  I got a today and it was a great bit off in one area (2cm) and a little off in another 4mm.  Argh...

Now that the position is right.  I feels right and I should be able to the same top end power that I made on the Giant.  That's been the most baffling thing to me.  I made more top end (1690w 1595w-5 seconds) on the Giant than on the Scott.  I could bend the Giant like a noodle, but not the Scott.  The most I've made on the Scott was 1472w -CP5.  Let's see what I can do now that I'm in a good position. 

A bit of history.  When I got my 1st fit on the Giant, the reason for the fit was to get ride of saddle sore problem and to optimize my position for racing.  As soon as the fit was done, the sore problem went a way and I was in a powerful racing position.


  1. you need Retul

  2. I looked into Retul when I got the fit done on the Giant the middle of last year. None of the shops around here had the retul capabilities. If they did, I would have gone that route as I like the concepts & technology. What are your thoughts when compared to the Specialized BG fit? That's what I did last year to get rid of saddle sores. I'm pretty happy with the way it (the Scott & Giant) feels now and am scared to death to change anything else mid-season. If I have $250 bucks burning a whole in my pocket at the end of the season I may do it. More for piece of mind than anything else. It would be good to know that I'm 100% efficient by more than one source. Thanks for your comment and taking the time to read.


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