Saturday, August 18, 2012

Maybe not Cat 1, but at least I can race against them. Say hello to a new Cat 2.

If you've read my intro, then my goal was to be Cat 1 by this year as I'm now 36.  Lord knows I didn't try.  I had a baby boy--now 5months--and a huge uptick in work.  Both are good in their own rights.  I love my wife as she's able to stay at home with my son.  My job is what gives me the ability to give my family that type of life.  My my family and my job have taken over my ability to train as much as I WANT to--rightfully and unequivocally so.  I stress "want" as cycling is just a hobby.  Cycling is many things so let me be more specific; racing bicycles is just a hobby.  With my limited time budget, my personal wants are set aside for my needs.  However, as my wife will tell you, one of those (my) needs is to continually push myself forward.  Though I am not a Cat 1, I've put in the work and was upgraded to Cat 2 this weekend.  What that means is that I will now race against the Cat 2's, Cat 1's & the Pros...I will now be racing against the best in the area.  I didn't make the Cat 1 goal, but I did make it farther than I could have ever imagined.  I didn't do it on my own.  There is a short list of people I would like to thank:

-Tonya Cobb
-Rashaan Bahati -You inspired me and I hope to race with/against you soon. I dream to be as good as you
-Derek Kidd
-Stephen Shenal
-Zac Lake 

-David Peckinpaugh
-Robert Kendrick
-Johnny Mitchell

It goes without saying that I want to thank my wife for putting up with me and letting me do this.  Letting me be me and loving me for being me.  Until death do us part.
Derek, Stephen & Zac started it all.  I wanted to be like you guys and you are to blame for getting me started in racing--thanks? David helped with his insight and laying down a solid foundation.  I really want to thank Robert for his coaching methods.  I wouldn't have been able to do it without your fine (read:hard as hell) tutelage.  Raising my FTP is what has allowed me to get to the end of the races so that I can unleash the sprint.  Your training plan pushed me to a new high and even made me a factor in P123 races so that's just dandy.
Johnny for being the best cycling teammate I've ever had.  Your work ethic, tenacity, motivation and personality set you apart from all others.  I hated you when I raced against you and didn't know you. That all changed when I did get to know you.  As of me writing this, you're a Cat 1.  I look forward to racing against you and I know that Pro is in your future if you want it.  With your attitude, anything is in your future if you want it.

There are others of course; Paul Harrell, Lucas Erwin, Dave Rosales, Gabe Hipps, Gordon Whittaker, Jay Charles, to name a few.  All my friends: Thank you.

What's next is a focus on track for 2013. With the Giordana Velodrome opening up this year, I haven't figured out how to transfer my 23.5w/kg 5sec road power to track.  I've also found that FTP is just as critical here so I'll have to focus on that.  For 2014, I'll refocus on road as I hope to have my FTP to 4.3 to 4.5w/kg.  That's not a lot in the bicycle racing world, but with time and family that's the best I can hope for and a tangible goal to set.  Dream?  I would still love to see myself as a match sprinter in the Olympics for the US.  It's good to have dreams!


  1. Couldn't be happier for you and so glad I was there to help...and I've heard a lot of people that don't know me hate me...and even some that do know me ;)

  2. Congratulations Bernard!!

  3. Mad Love and Respect for you!


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