Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Off the bike

One of the things I haven't written about is the fact that I've been off of the bike since the 12th. I had a lingering issue from the crash that didn't manifest itself until I did the workout on the 12th. The injury is called a Scrotal Contusion. Yeah, It sucks as bad at is sounds. When I landed on my face, my bike landed on my "boys". The "fellas" were healing and my face hurt so bad, it masked any discomfort I was having down there. The workouts on the 11th & 12th exacerbated the problem and they let me know there was a problem. It wasn't a testicle injury, but an injury to a vein that feeds them. So the pedaling action, inflamed the area. Of course, I couldn't believe this was happening so I checked myself a couple of times that night & the next day before seeing the Doctor. The Doctor has seen this kind of injury before (guys are tough on themselves) and said that the number of time I "checked" myself just aggravated the injury even more--Great. But again, the doc said that's something that's also been a typical reaction to his patients that have received this type of injury. Rest & time off of the bike is what the doctor ordered. I can't give myself and "examination" until the 20th--doctors orders. My coach has made a plan so that I'm doing workouts off of the bike until the 23rd. The discomfort has gone away, but I'm going to play it safe and not get back on the bike until the 24th.

The doctor stated that if the discomfort/knot persists more than 6 weeks, then it's back for another examination and it's something more serious. Let's hope not.


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